Teeth in a day

Teeth in a Day: Full Fixed Prosthesis

Total fixed rehabilitation is the ideal solution for those cases in which it is necessary to replace all lost or unviable natural teeth, managing to reestablish the confidence of a smile in a safe, fixed, comfortable, stable, and long-lasting way.

Through implant placement, we get the perfect anchorage to place a fixed, custom-made full prosthesis. You can have teeth again in just 1 day!


Replacing your lost teeth will bring you benefits at many levels:

    • Chewing: you will be able to chew again without concerns and with almost no limitations.
    • Phonetics: since the prosthesis fixed on implants has a very similar volume to your natural teeth, you will be able to speak with no interference.
    • Gastrointestinal: better chewing leads to improved food digestion.
    • Breathing: respiratory function optimization.
    • Aesthetic and functional: the replacement of your teeth allows the restoration of your original facial volume, with the maintenance of muscle tone and the reduction of unsightly facial wrinkles.

Endurance and durability

Both implants and teeth fixed on implants are made of extremely strong and durable materials. Our laboratories are certified by INFARMED, which gives us a guarantee of excellence.

Compared to conventional removable prosthesis, these allow safe and comfortable chewing, without hurting the gums and unpleasant oscillations. You will be able to eat any kind of food that you would usually eat with natural teeth, not being limited to soft foods. It also virtually reduces to zero the risk of fracture, which can happen with removable prosthesis.


The crowns placed on the implants are manufactured in a fully personalized way taking into account the type and dimensions of the face, gender, age, and the patient’s personal taste. With your new smile you will be able to maintain facial muscle tone, your face shape and a youthful appearance for a longer period of time. You will smile with confidence for many years to come.

Teeth in a Day: Step-by-Step


Planing the treament: In the appointment, the diagnosis is made through a thorough clinical observation, clinical data collection and 2D X-ray and CBCT (high-definition digital CT), photographs, and intraoral scanning. After collecting all the data, a case planning using the most advanced digital technology is done, taking into account the patient’s needs and expectations. A virtual simulation of the surgery is made with the selection of the number, size, depth, and leaning of the implants. From this simulation, we create a customized surgical guide which works like a GPS for the exact placement of the implants.


Surgery: The implants are placed millimeter by millimeter according to the surgical guide previously created for you. At the end of the surgery, your fixed provisional prosthesis is placed over the implants, to ensure that the patient leaves the clinic with a new smile (teeth in just 1 day). The entire procedure is performed with local anesthesia and the aid of mild forms of sedation, so that everything takes place painlessly and comfortably. If the patient wishes, the procedure can be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia.

We guarantee a close follow-up throughout the post-operative period, both by telephone and with post-operative consultations.

In order to guarantee that the patient receives a treatment of excellence, we work with specialized technicians who integrate a prosthesis laboratory certified by INFARMED who, in coordination with an experienced medical team, meet all the specific aesthetic and functional needs of each patient.


Prosthetic rehabilitation:. The definitive crowns are placed after the correct healing of the tissues and bone integration of the implants, making your smile even more natural, functional and aesthetic.


Maintenance phase: The maintenance phase is critical to ensure the durability of your new teeth. This is how the patient is taught hygiene care and review appointments are scheduled.

Responsible team

Dr. Pedro Freitas

Frequently Asked Questions

Will i experience any limitations after the surgery?

As with any other surgical procedure, the first few days will require some care in terms of diet and physical effort. We provide the patient with a post-surgical care protocol which associated with the medication protocol, ensures the best possible post-operative outcome.

What is the provisional prosthesis like?

Your temporary prosthesis will be total and fixed on your implants. It is made of a comfortable material which allows adjustment and correct tissue healing. It will be similar in appearance to the final prosthesis so that you can rehearse your new smile. Nevertheless, it allows you to make minor aesthetic changes, giving you the opportunity to further improve your new look. The biggest advantage of the provisional prosthesis is that you will be able to smile, speak, and eat with confidence from day one.

When can i place the permanent teeth?

You can have them placed as soon as the tissues are fully healed – about 6 months. Until then, we will always keep a constant follow-up with regular evaluation consultations and adjustments to the provisional prosthesis, when necessary.

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