Single Implants, Endodontics and Dentistry

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This patient (69 years old) had some teeth missing, a rather unaesthetic smile and also difficulties in masticatory function, which affected his well-being.

Orthodontic correction would be the ideal treatment to align the teeth, but it was not an option for the patient. In this way, it was decided to preserve and treat the existing teeth and rehabilitate the edentulous areas — areas without teeth.

This transformation involved the intervention of YOU dentists from various areas, namely: Implantology — for the placement of single dental implants —, Endodontics and Dentistry.

Medical Team: Dr. Pedro (registered at the OMD with number 2569), Dr.ª Sara Franco (registered at the OMD with number 8211) and Dr.ª Daniela Paiva (registered at the OMD with number 7534).

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