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The General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, in force from May 25, 2018, with direct application to all collective or natural, public or private entities that process personal data of natural persons in all EU countries, repeals the current Data Protection Law, and defines new rules guaranteeing and reinforcing the protection, processing and free movement of data personal data, with the aim of avoiding serious situations of violation of such data.

The company Perfeito & Invisível Clínica Dentária Lda, complying with the provisions of the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) and defending its security, adopted new principles and common rules that form part of the Privacy and Cookies Policy document, which we transcribe below:


The purpose of this document is to establish and make known the rules and mechanisms for guaranteeing the privacy of all personal data received and stored by the company, within the scope of its commercial and work activity, namely to inform you about which categories of personal data collected, the purpose and legal basis of data processing, with whom we share the data, the period of data maintenance, the rights you have and how you can exercise them and the obligations in case of data breach.

The company’s Privacy Policy is shared through all available communication media and applies to all information collected through the company’s website, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram), as well as the information you share or have shared with us in person, in meetings, interviews, by phone, SMS, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, letter or other means of correspondence. The processing of personal data will be carried out by the company.

If you want to obtain additional information or clarify any doubts about our Privacy Policy, you can address your questions by letter or email:

Perfeito & Invisível Clínica Dentária Lda


Street Engº Rui Nogueira Simões, 1-B 2665-622 Malveira




Personal Data is any information that can identify a natural person.

We collect and use personal data within the scope of the commercial activities that the company carries out, as well as in the labor relations (in the case of our employees) that are established.

There are several types of personal data that we use, namely:

  • Identification data (for example: name, identification numbers, nationality, date and place of birth);
  • Contact details (for example: address, telephone, email address);
  • Family situation (for example: Number of descendants, tax situation);
  • Education (level of education);
  • Banking and financial data (IBAN, NIB, credit ceilings);

We do not collect sensitive data.


We may indirectly have access to personal data of:

  • Relatives;
  • Legal representatives or agents;
  • Society partners;
  • Collaborators of our customers, suppliers, service providers and partners

All this data will be treated with the same security and privacy.



Based on the prior consent of the holder of the personal data, which must be free, informed and unequivocal;

legitimate interest

When the processing of data corresponds to a legitimate interest on the part of the company in order to develop our activity and provide our services, as well as its labor relations;

Compliance with all legal, regulatory and judicial obligations

When the processing of personal data is necessary to comply with all legal, regulatory and judicial obligations to which the company is subject.

Pre-contractual procedures, contract execution and management

Request your consent for a specific treatment outside this scope


The use of personal data is necessary in particular for:

  • Management and follow-up of customers/suppliers;
  • Marketing activities, such as: presentation of products/services, sending of “Newsletters”, campaigns and promotional actions, satisfaction surveys, market research, profile analysis.
  • Compliance with all legal, regulatory or judicial obligations to which the company is obliged in the commercial and labor sphere;
  • Administrative, accounting and financial management;
  • Training management;
  • Collections and litigation management;
  • Complaints management;
  • Access control to facilities;
  • Recruitment processes;
  • Internship processes


In order to fulfill the purposes described above, it may be necessary to share your data with:

  • Official, Regulatory, Judicial and Police Entities
    For compliance with all legal obligations, as well as participation in programs and support;
  • Service providers and subcontractors
    It may be necessary to share personal data with third parties within the scope of the activity and depending on each objective, such as, for example, insurance companies, health and safety services at work, travel agencies, training companies, technical assistance, support for e-commerce activities, hosting of our websites, among others;
  • Business partners
    In these cases, we may share your data with these partners to optimize our products and services;
  • Customers and Suppliers
    Some personal data of employees, within the scope of carrying out the functions that each employee performs, may have to be shared with customers and suppliers. These entities, if they belong to the EU, will be responsible for complying with the provisions of the RGPD, but the company will take all possible measures within its reach to ensure that all entities with which it shares personal data respect our Privacy Policy and, therefore, protect the personal data entrusted to them.

What are the retention periods for personal data

Personal data will be kept for an indefinite period of time, that is, until the data subject requests its total or partial deletion or withdraws his consent, provided that this request does not conflict with the fulfillment of contractual or legal obligations and regulations to which the company is bound.


The holder of personal data, in accordance with the applicable rules, has the right to information, access, rectification, elimination, limitation, objection and portability of data, as well as to contest automatic decisions and to withdraw their consent.

Right to information, access, and rectification

The data subject may, at any time, access the data he has provided us, request its rectification, as well as obtain information regarding its treatment, and we undertake to follow up on it within a maximum period of 30 days.

Right to deletion

The right to erasure is also recognised, with personal data being erased within the period referred to above, from the date of the request, provided that there are no valid legal grounds for its conservation.

Right to limitation and objection

You can request the limitation, as well as oppose the processing of personal data, namely when the data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing.

Portability of personal data

The holder has the right to request the company, when legally permissible, to send their personal data to another organization, unless this transfer, due to its extension, involves high means and costs.

Automatic decisions

When applicable, the data subject has the right to challenge automatic decisions such as profiling, requesting human intervention from the Data Controller.

Withdraw your consent

The data subject may withdraw his consent, to the extent legally permissible. This situation does not compromise the legality of the treatment carried out up to that date.

If the holder intends to exercise the rights described above, he can do so by registered letter or by email to the contacts shown below, being essential, to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the process, the proof of identity of the holder.

Perfeito & Invisível Clínica Dentária Lda


Street Engº Rui Nogueira Simões, 1-B 2665-622 Malveira



It should be noted that if there are rules or legal imperatives that override these rights, the company will respond regarding the impossibility and the reason for not being able to comply with the request, within a maximum period of 30 days.

The data subject may complain to the National Commission for Data Protection – the CNPD (

The company, valuing the trust that the data subject places in us when granting their consent, has adopted the technical, physical and organizational measures appropriate to the RGPD, ensuring that personal data are duly protected against unauthorized or illegal use, alteration, access or unauthorized disclosure, accidental or willful destruction and loss.


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Under the terms of Law n.o 41/2004 of 18 August, the storage of information and the possibility of accessing information stored in a user’s terminal equipment, through cookies, are only carried out by the YOU clinic if the user has given his consent prior and express to the installation of cookies on your equipment.

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The Privacy and Cookies Policy applies to its employees, individual entrepreneurs and will also be extended to legal persons whenever the processing of personal data of managers, legal representatives and/or their employees is at stake.

The company reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy in the face of legislative changes or due to its activity.


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November 2022