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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to change my smile in 1 day. Is it possible?
Yes! We offer our concept “Day Clinic, where you can in just one day (dedicated to your case), perform as many procedures as possible for a total change in your smile.
We always seek the best answer for each case, we make detailed medical records, recommend the best treatment and explain clearly to our patients the procedures to be performed.
Is there parking outside the clinic?

Yes, our clinic is located in a very quiet area, surrounded by free parking.

Is the assessment consultation free of charge?

In evaluation consultations, imaging and clinical observation is done in order to present a diagnosis. Afterwards, a treatment plan is designed. This procedure has a cost and the consultation must have the minimum duration of one hour.

Do you have agreements with health insurances?

To fulfil our mission of providing a superior quality treatment, we work exclusively, using the best medical supplies and high quality equipment. Thus, we choose not to establish protocols with any insurance company.

Do you have different payment options/plans?

Yes, at our clinic we believe that Oral health should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we provide different payment options/plans adapted to your treatment plan.

Can i go to an emergency room without and appointment?

Emergencies can be simple situations that can be solved by any dentist, or evolving situations that require observation by a specialist of each specific area. Therefore, whenever you have an emergency, please call the clinic at 966253790 so that we can perform a brief triage and prepare your emergency consultation.

What are your opening hours?
From Monday to Saturday
09:00 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 18:30

Your first consultation begins here.

After requesting your appointment, our team will contact in order to find the best date for you.

Our patients are very important to us and we always do what we can to help them have a better quality of life and a smile that promotes their well-being.

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