Aware that the lack of time makes it difficult for many people to undergo a strict and careful dental treatment, YOU – Dental Clinic created a treatment concept that consists exactly in one special day (in some cases, days), dedicated to just one patient.
Of course, a careful assessment will be carried out beforehand. The DAY CLINIC therefore consists of carrying out the maximum amount of medical-dental procedures, without risk of compromising the final result that will always be a new, healthy and better smile.
In some cases, YOU guarantees the total change of your smile in just one day!
So that everything is carried out in a calm and ideal way, all procedures will be explained in detail (before and after the respective evaluation) and clearly to each Day Clinic patient. YOU – Dental Clinic’s team will be specially dedicated to you on that (or those) day(s).
Contact YOU – Dental Clinic for more information or clarifications.