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  • The new YOU bet - The Day Clinic

Conscious of the difficulty that the lack of time creates for many people who want to make a rigorous and careful dental treatment, YOU-Dental Clinic has created a treatment concept that consists of exactly one day (in some cases days) dedicated to this type of patient .
Obviously, a careful evaluation will always be done. DAY CLINIC is therefore to perform the maximum of medical-dental procedures, without risk of compromise of the final result that will always be a new, healthy and better smile.
In some cases YOU guarantees the radical change of your smile in just one day!
In order for everything to be done in a quiet and exemplary way, all procedures will be explained in detail (before and after their evaluation), in a clear way, to each Day Clinic patient. The YOU-Clinica Dentária team will be particularly dedicated to you on this (or those) day reserved for you.
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